Lucky Iron Fish


I stumbled upon the Lucky Iron Fish project today and was really blown away by the ingenious simplicity of it!

I have just bought one for myself and every purchase will also buy another for a family in need in Cambodia.

What is this crazy fish you speak of? Well It is a small piece of iron forged into the shape of a fish (because the fish is they symbol for luck in Cambodia) that can be popped into boiling water, soups or stews to fortify them with iron (adding lemon juice or other citrus will help the body absorb the iron). Helping to eradicate crippling iron deficiency & iron deficiency anaemia for people who unlike many of us do not have the luxury of a bountiful & varied diet. It can provide 75% of an adults daily iron needs and lasts around 5 years.

I have attached the website address below please go check it out and watch the youtube video, it explains the product and its uses far better than I can. I am sure you will be as amazed as I am. if so please share & help spread the word I believe it is a more cost effective and fun than iron tablets & as far as I am aware Vegan friendly too!!!


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